Thus AFRICA!!!

Thus AFRICA!!!

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The decision taken, going to Africa!

W pewnym sensie ten wybór wydaje się naturalny i oczywisty. Afryka od zawsze mnie fascynowała. As a child, with flushed cheeks listening to the adventures of Stas and Nel, As a teenager breaking down in tears while reading over and over sentimental memories of Karen Blixen and Kuki Gallamann, and German in college I cleaned toilets to earn his first trip to this wild continent. With age,, education and subsequent trips I got rid of the romantic, and rather infantile, vision of Africa. I learned to look upon his difficult history and diverse culture of the eye anthropologist, not a girl raised on Lion King. After almost half a year in Ghana, I learned, that Africa is for Bruni can be not only fascinating, but also difficult, tiring, sometimes dangerous, and sometimes even boring. Today, however, we decided, that it is on this continent will fulfill our dream, great ADVENTURE CYCLING.

Why? Because no matter how long we look at the map of the world, always end up in the same place.

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