The first 1000 km for us!

The first 1000 km for us!

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The first 1000 km for us! Zero so far beyond the gum-, which she shot in the lobby of Marrakech ;), Zero failures ..., one cold, about a hundred Moroccan tea glasses, absorbed countless kg mandarins, dates and newly discovered love for olives. In other words,, nourish the bezmięsnie, but healthy!

Remember Staszek, who was waiting at the mosque in Marrakesh? Caught up in Safi and from then on we go together. Our first night was supposed to be common for camping, because it was getting dark, but it turned out, Besides the camping, it was very expensive, or it does not have internet or even showering in the price, no and I stood on that that we spend a night somewhere, which is "somewhere" turned out to be a football pitch as we have seen the next day ...

In the morning we left in a hurry and quite industrial Safi started the most charming section of our existing routes.

It is true that a lot of up and down, but it is all the time along the ocean. Well, in the end came SUN, and the temperature jumped over days 20 degrees . A bit of that warmth and immediately better ;)

As if was not enough entertainment, in the evening we were invited to a family record oil, which they first wytłoczyliśmy, and then her objedliśmy.

Then Tajin delicious homemade sweet with raisins and warm dry corner to sleep. Why do we need more to be happy?:)