Where the road ends…

Where the road ends…

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It is not easy to write in a slightly angled sitting position, with a flashlight on his head, while outside the wind pours sand in the desert, at room temperature spadła z 35 degree days to 10 night. But before we tell you about life in the Sahara cyclist, we have to make up for the previous several hundred kilometers. The Sahara in the next episode ;)

Continuing our journey along the Atlantic coast we arrived at Essaouira - second only to the iconic city of Marrakesh Morocco. It's a must for each trip, although there are no visits, here "sometimes". Sea tourists for hours sipping coffee in a trendy cafes, Fish cuts in the port kanajpkach tadżiny, buy colorful rugs and silver jewelry, and in the evening, after a few "happy cakes", or cookies mixed with hashish, relax on the terraces in their hotels.


Meanwhile, we went to the port. We came up with the idea, it difficult, because it is very hilly, episode to the Agadir beat "jachostopem". Unfortunately, it turned out, it can only take us fishermen, not to Agadir, Only half of the night. No hard, This is not the time of day, not this time of year ...



After a long visit to the port of Essaouira revealed to us his second face. Behind the colorful stalls and expensive eateries emerged townspeople. many fishermen, Women trading in general cargo, caught up buyers and flashy gull hunting even the smallest waste. Real life is right here, in port, around fishing - especially difficult in winter. Soaked fishermen protect themselves from the cold in a number of jackets ponakładanymi one another, hats, hoods and scarves, osłaniającymi not only against penetrating wind, but also a strong odor of sewer and fish waste.


After an unsuccessful search for transport by sea in the morning we head further south. Tired of the tourist nature of the coastal cities for Tiznit decide to bounce off the main road and look for adventure on the route marked on our map as "the way of lower quality / places without asphalt". It started wonderfully. Views literally breathtaking, równiutki asphalt and traffic almost imperceptible.


But, as always, all good things come to an end. And so it happened with our route. Just one point is over, verbatim. Next we were able to just push the bikes over rocks and thorny bushes.


After an hour of searching "lost road" And how we have given up natural circumstances were encouraging pitched camp in the delta of the river and decided to come up with the fire getting out of here ;)


Morning guys went to find help ;) I was. Wonderful, kanciasty Land Rover Santana. Oh, what was the horse ... We are already planning another trip on four wheels ;)