Miracles in the desert…

Miracles in the desert…

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Finally, Western Sahara us in the enamored! It was necessary to overcome these several hundred kilometers into the, to know its charms. Sand dunes, wild vegetation, herd of camels, almost absolute silence and soul to the horizon - a bit like the moon, but how beautiful the moon!

Even the wind gave us a few days of each other a break. Of course, no wind made the temperature during the day is hard to bear, and almost every time we are looking for even more rock or bush, to hide from the sun. For the water consumption has increased almost to us 5 liters per person per day. How to add water for washing and cooking it turns out, that are carrying it close 20 l!



The biggest spend in the heat of roadside stations. Of course, once a hit 100/150 km, but already it's a great opportunity, to a little wash, add water, eat and of course drink Moroccan whiskey, that is, the amount of tea with sugar ogroooomną. In the Muslim parts of Africa, where you do not drink alcohol, Tea is not just a drink, but a pretext for meeting, call, ritual and adventure at the same time. Moroccans spend hours with her time watching football on TV, reading newspapers, browsing the Internet and, of course, a huge amount of cigarette smoking. The letter at the beginning of its taste was difficult to accept because the proportions of water and sugar is almost one-to-one. With time, however, we are used to, and now we can not live without it, and here, in the desert, hot and sweet perfectly quenches thirst! Even learned to brew it themselves and are happy wozimy additional kilogram of sugar ....


Petrol stations are also a great place, to meet new people. It was on one of them met Emma, Swedish cyclist crossing Africa alone. I have not time our paths will cross :)


Respite from the heat also brings emerging from time to time ocean. Continues to fascinate us, that we are on the edge of the continent, where if it broke off the land, and only on water.


Well, evenings .... At the end is a little warmer, the days are longer and charming places in the camp missing. For several days we really spoil Sahara.


And in these circumstances, this is fascinating nature stuknęło us 2000 km :)