New World

New World

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Beloved, apparently spells, Sorcerers, fairies and unicorns do not exist. Or so they told us in school. Meanwhile, we discovered a magical wardrobe that leads to Narnia African! Maybe it is a bit like a border crossing, but his crossing we were in another world! Gray colors replaced the green and yellow, równiutki asphalt gravel roads as a table, the streets full of colorfully dressed women, hear music everywhere, and stalls groaning with fruit;. So, wjechaliśmy to Senegal, a country so different from Mauritania, that it is hard to believe, that both countries are only one barrier and a couple of guys in uniforms.


The first steps in this new land we put quite carefully, Traveler cycling because of horror stories circulating about Senegalese children, which obskakując visitors tug for panniers and demand "gifts". Indeed enough time, that our poor French gained a new sentence "Give me gift”. We also learned, that in this new world we call the Tubab :) But the kids were not so bad. Yes, some of them could run for us by a good few hundred meters shouting loudly, other angrily threw the bike tiny pebbles, Adam and once he got the ear of onion, but in fact, most were non-serious;)


Taught by experience we expected, that the spell will be broken as soon as we ride to Saint Louis – the first town on the Senegalese section of our route. But how can you not fall in love with the city, where everything is laughing. People laugh, laugh at their colorful costumes, Cars, adorned bicycles, boats and graffiti painted on the walls. So Dear, we have witnessed a rare phenomenon in Africa: fantastic city!


There were also what must have each of our favorite city: beautiful architecture nibbled by time, but not enough to lose its original charm.


In this wonderful city, even the kids were not interested in us, because someone there to celebrate a Tubab and gift as you can to race on pontoons made of plastic bottles, let go of the boat on the river, or make the port a few francs for oranges.


Using the visit to the big city did a little reconnaissance culinary ;) We have found bissap - Delicious juice with hibiscus, Baobab juice color and smell of rotten grass, but it is ubiquitous taste, Cafe Room - Brew coffee with lots of spicy, mafe - Based stew with peanut sauce and fantastic leading au poulet, or roasted chicken with lemon sauce. After many weeks of the Sahara in the end we were in paradise aprowizacyjnym :)

Opchani the ears and a very good mood moved towards Dakar. Unfortunately, with every mile driven our good mood fell. The traffic was so huge, the ride was a fight for survival. Speeding, stuffed to the brim with luggage and people buses and smaller trips around Poland honked at us cruelly and passed on a narrow road at the last moment, us a few times gently touching on the panniers, mirrors or other protruding parts.


We found, that approach is a three-day celebration of the birth of Muhammad, and the whole country moves to their home towns to spend this special day with your loved ones. Each village on our route turned into a bus station where people in great haste loaded into the already clogged cars, and with huge speakers drawn on the streets, attached to cars and stalls harczały holy verses of the Quran drowned by the horns and yelling nerve. Not the best time to enter the 2,5 millionth of the city with the suburbs towing 30 kilometers before petty crime and organized comparable perhaps only of Lagos in Nigeria or the Bronx in NY. Well, unfortunately,, there was no turning back. We left just to get to the city as soon as possible, before nightfall to find some accommodation. And surprise surprise. We knew, Dakar that prices are very high, but 100 zł for the room which is normally rented "by the hour" (What evidence were scattered on the floor) and for months it is not one already cleaned slight exaggeration. Slightly podłamani, black and exhausted from the exhaust gas from the murderous decided to go to the cathedral there and ask for help in finding accommodation. Barely passed 100 meters as we rode up to the grinning Frenchman and asked their standard "It's okay?”. No to my mu, that I've been better, but that somehow flies just do not have a place to sleep. And suddenly we had a place to sleep :) The marina at the beach together with the French sailors, nonszalanckimi their wooden shishas, fried fish and wine in the morning popijanym. And then we wanted to bypass the city at all costs swallowed us for almost a week ;)

Strolling through the center of Dakar you may be wondering why so many French people have chosen this place to live. Dakar suburb resembles European capitals. Apparently still a big world, but any such forgotten, if extinguished, everything is falling apart or broke up a long time ago, garbage everywhere, bars on the windows, broken lanterns creak in the wind and homeless people sleeping at bus stops.


At first glance, it's just noise Dakar, millions of taxis, crowded trips around Poland and trumpeting Scooters.


But a bit further from the center of the marina overlooking the bay, kids playing ball all day on the beach, Bathing in the sea horses, with fishermen and their boats painted in colors of your favorite football clubs, and this is the Dakar that we fell in love, and who remember :)