The forest baobabowym

The forest baobabowym

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Choosing a bike trip through Africa man imagines, that will be pedaled along the red earth, among baobabs, smiling children and monkeys running across the road. At least that was the case with us. Somehow, not to himself admitted in fact, for example, that we will have to get out of Dakar. Huge, dirty and noisy city where every day hundreds of trucks entering clogging our noses fumes, where instead of baobabs suburbs stretch strewn with garbage and deducted animals, and children are not smiling just want gifts. In addition, as soon as my back was gone before us Dakar immediately appeared next big city, followed by another and another and so by law 150 km. Walked away from the senses, but unfortunately there was no alternative.


Originally, our tour was lead by a quieter, less urbanized part of Senegal, but the political situation in neighboring Mali forced us to modify plans. Instead, head for Bamako, we drove south towards Guinea. In northern Mali has long continued conflict with the Tuareg, who demanded the creation of their country, However, over the past few months, the rebels began to move south and the situation had become so serious, Senegalese media that is not talked about the conflict, and the war in Mali. Long wondered, However, if we did not try to break south of Bamako, because the tour by Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire is for us an additional 1000 km, but in the end when the French decided to intervene and daily convoys passed us soldiers decision becomes easier. Passed us shivers every time, armed to the teeth when the French guys waving to us with a smile exclaiming "Good luck”, or "luck". After all, they were going to war, we were going to just "on vacation" ...


Since sharing the road with trucks and tanks do not particularly accounted for our taste after three days we decided to take the first side to which we will get ścieżynkę. We set up, that then somehow we manage to get back on the road, out, that our map did not give us such hope;)


Well, we turned into a beautiful ..., red lane leading through baobabowy Babe. How to take away gone hand truck and French tanks, noise and fumes. Suddenly less than 200 kilometers from Dakar, a few hundred meters from the main national road, There is a tiny village was with clay thatched cottage, kids screaming at the sight of us "Tubab, tubab"And of course baobabs, everywhere baobabs!


Camping pitched in a secluded location, that evening seemed perfect for the night. However, in the morning, when we opened the eyes, gathered around the tent has a bunch of curious children. Sitting motionless, almost with bated breath, watching our every move. Older kids younger whisper explained what they were doing Tubaby. A Tubaby consisted of a tent, wash their teeth, leaping from one foot because he wanted them to pee, hid behind a tree to get changed and in general was a heap of laughter because they did terrible quirks Tubaby;)


As at the end wygrzebaliśmy kids took us a while to the well and provided with water and then moved on. In the next village, we have a little question where we are and what the village to follow, to go in the general direction, which needed. No one, however, did not tell us (or maybe he just did not understand) that at some point the road crosses the river and on the other side you have to get a ferry. Apparently no problem, only that the ferry sails twice a day and the next we 6 hours! A little stuck ... but it guys working at a nearby construction site showed us where we can be safe to bath and eat well. No exaggeration Adam out of the water only 15 minutes he needed to eat fish with rice and drink Cafe Room. At that time I tried to explain to you why preparing our meal we do not have children yet, and why, despite this apparent oversight, Adam still not taken a second wife;)



As at the end of our ferry arrived and began the great charge. Us as the first comfortably seated, dressed in reflective jackets and told to wait. An hour later, the ferry was ready to sail. Somehow he managed to cram a dozen cars, several motorbikes, a hundred people, Drac two goats in her lungs, chicken in a basket wicker, bowl filled with dried fish, oranges buckets and cans on the water, millions of small packages and parcels and of two bikes. Ferry looked so overloaded, if not for the fact that, we did not have to move as, because on the one hand, przygniatała us a bowl of patatami (o irony!) and on the other baskets of bananas, I guess we fled ... Fortunately, we arrived safe and sound to the shore, just before everyone and everything spilled it got completely dark and we had no where to sleep. Welcome decided to look at the gendarmerie station, that in neighboring Mauritania, not once rescued us from oppression. Well ... not in Senegal. Not, because they do not, or some trivial reason there. Generally near the inn (45 km!) and there we go. So we're going to look for some bushes ... With flashlights on their heads ditch breaking in between us was Mrs., that a few hours earlier prepared us a delicious dinner and we obgadywałam our family life. Without hesitation, invited us to each other - to a tiny village located 4 kilometers away. Late in the evening, with a common bowl of couscous with milk powder, five children met Mrs. Amina. Later, teapot tea at this time our hostess told us about his family. On the farm we slept outside our friend lived two other wives of her husband Mrs. Amina and of course their children. Master of the house works in Dakar, and come to the village only once in a while to leave money and meet other obligations bed;) During his absence all the wives work. Mrs. Amina runs a small eatery across the river, next to a large building. Every day he gets up at 5 in the morning and goes to four kilometers to the ferry, carrying on her head fresh products for the food to cook . From seven in the morning until seven in the evening sells workers Breakfast, lunch, and of course Cafe Room. Then she gets on the ferry, returns to the village, washed, prepares children to dinner and sit down to prepare for tomorrow's breakfast components. Most of the time it takes to prepare mayonnaise, that instead of butter is the basis for a morning sandwich. Because there is no fridge every night must be prepared fresh. Wheel 23:00 Mrs. Amina goes to sleep, will 6 hours of waking up. I asked her what she was doing for himself, When not working. Answered, he sleeps ...

Morning, but our hostess was long gone, we went to a local store and bought some food products, who left as a thank you for the hospitality. We bought a little thing for you Amines only ...