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Before leaving, we asked everyone if we are not afraid of wild animals, or camping "in the wild" is safe in Africa and that we have something to defend against Lions. However, the truth is that, four months that the only animals we encountered were camels, cows, donkeys, Goats, dogs and termites. With all of this cluster has caused us the most problems, of course, dogs. Usually a lazy lie on the road and rarely raise my head, ear, or even open eye, but sometimes will be a nadgorliwiec, which, despite 50 heat gradually decides to show us where we belong. Probably should have on hand a small pebble and scare the bastard, but who have a heart to. Instead of confronting definitely choose peaceful solution, ... blows or if the forces in the legs ;) So far, this has always been, but sometimes, especially uphill, we have to pay dearly for this weakness to wsiowych burków.

Hope to meet some more exotic beast than domestic swine appeared along with the peeling of the course on the border crossing where the road leads through the park Niokolo Koba - Senegalese National Park. From what we were able to inquire had a chance to see monkeys, can warthogs, many different species of birds, but that is about it. It is always better than a goat and a cow ;) With nadstawionymi ears and turned the camera on standby in park. A little while later wondered how we saw two policemen and detention. Of course, these, who planned safari, entry into the heart of the park, Ticketing and rent 4×4 was elsewhere, it was just the way that ran through the national park. However, sensing trouble we decided to adopt a strategy of action, which until now has never failed us: Ripping Glup ;) Nice gentlemen to greet us, but quite firmly told, the entrance to the park on bicycles is prohibited, You can only drive in the park because they are dangerous, wild animals and that we have to turn back. My na to, that sorry, but we do not understand and the world smiles najsympatyczniejszymi constantly repeated the name of the town where we are going. Gentlemen slightly irritated started looking for someone who speaks English, but fortunately no avail. We hoped, that in the end they get tired and seeing, that did not get along just us wilderness. It has not been so easy. Fifteen minutes later, the trial continued perseverance. In the end, as we have learned aids in the form of maps and guide and started to decompose pretending that we explain to them what we mean scoop is enough and less stubborn policemen waved his hand and raised the barrier. Jupi, did it again!


A few miles away, stopped near us wheeling Toyota and got out the two men in green uniforms. They were the guardians of the park. They had no power, to challenge the decision of the gendarmes, but they were very unhappy with our presence and wanted to teach us, that, note ..., "In the park are the lions". Clear, for years no one had seen them, but the whole safari biznes based on them so we all support this myth. Regardless of whether the lions scared or not promised guards, We will spend the night at the police station 75 miles away.

Throughout the day we met, or even half-monkey, at most a few colorful birds. Not right away we wanted to see a lion on our way, but nothing???


In the evening we arrived at the police station. Watchmen (nineteen guys in camo poprzebierane) welcomed us with joy, because it seems, that there terribly bored. Their only entertainment in the area were marauding monkeys and pump, so pump, warthog or Wolof language - as you can see the creator The Lion King were not especially creative.


Overnight hardly be called successful (beyond delicious dinner on the woman he invited us to one of the guards). At the police station smelled like a zoo, podkradały monkey us things out of the tent and to link the panniers, and bonfires burned all night, which were supposed to scare off lions and panthers. In the afternoon the next day we left the park without seeing no sign of the lion. Apparently these foci scared them, not because of Tambacundy lorries going to Guinea;)


From the park behind us to the border is only a few dozen kilometers, and the horizon straight, A brand-new way. It looked idyllic ...


After a few kilometers the perfect asphalt suddenly ended, but not really bother us. View of the mountains and the picturesque village was compensated us even the first rubber. Apparently as magicians Schwalbe worked on anti-perforation insert it did not foresee, In Africa, there are 5 inch thorns;)


At the border crossing we arrived early in the morning. No problems checked out of Senegal, and we started to look for Guinean officials. Celebrating our policeman pointed hand lazily as if the sky and said,, that all straight. So we went. We passed a small shop with cookies and cigarettes, well, school, Gentlemen playing checkers, but there was no sign of the Guinean flag. All straight ... this is not especially difficult road, Have we lost the? We asked around playing with kids. Like the policeman showed up at the sky and if said, that all straight. But we go straight ahead! Already ended village and starts a forest. As we asked the next man, and he also pointed to the sky and said,, all the time that we lost patience straight. "But where straight? There's nothing there .... "- We were a little annoyed. And he stoically, that straight, some 25 kilometers and once again showed up at the sky ... And then we realized, we all showed up on a powerful. Thought, I think it's a joke, at the end of Senegalese are famous for their sense of humor. We went back to the police station before celebrating our policeman.

– Well, yes - Said. You have to get through the top, on the other side is the post Guinea.

– But there is no way!

– I do not have - Lazily nodded.

So I have piled .... A properly unpacked ... Pościągaliśmy panniers and decided "to pownosić" because it, what was in front of us, in the Polish mountains would be black trail rather than the road leading to the border crossing. Apparently, the most difficult was to be the first 7 kilometers and then had to start at the road. If not for the help guys from the village 7 pokonywalibyśmy kilometers probably all day. It was such a nightmare, I do not even have photos from this episode, because none of us were in the mood for shooting. Fortunately, right at the top actually began way, just as it was too expensive ....


But then, as in the mountains, was down. And even the road was bad, rather the way. Only you choose? No sign, no man, for a lot of options to choose from. We felt like we crossed the border illegally…

In the evening, when we finally got to the station we were so exhausted, gendarme that greets us without question put before us a bucket of water, dinner and invited to stay to the unit. A few hours later,, in a military canteen, sipping warm beer by candlelight Guiluxe (in the village there was no electricity) learned, that we still have a 120 such kilometers. Welcome Gwineo!