Green Tunnel

Green Tunnel

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When the first Europeans conquered the African continent founded their settlements on the coast. The interior ventured into a few, mainly adventurers and slavers. There were many reasons. The farther away from the ocean this difficult climate, denser forests, and wild animals in their, hostile nations and emerging diseases. Fate threw us not only into the interior, but in the depths of the rainforest, So przeczuwaliśmy trouble ... and this time more than diarrhea.


The high degree of shyness delve into the green abyss constantly wondering what's coming around the bend ...


Meanwhile, each succeeding ... breathtaking! We decided Guinea spoil yourself a little before you turned our bike cycling adventure in survival school.


So, Guinea was the day for our green paradise, during the day ... but at night our African dream began to resemble a nightmare. Why? Let's start searching for a place to stay. Well, this picturesque, green slopes which so delight us are so picturesque and green through dense forests, in which, without machetes can not actually enter. We have a medium-sized pocket knife and a kitchen knife and somehow did not quite come true as wild vegetation poskramiaczy.


Breaking through the green tunnel as soon as we can to spot even the slightest ścieżynkę we dive into it, and there usually manage to find a few square meters where the spacing of the tent.


Having a roof over your head, provided we take for preparing dinner. And then the fun begins in earnest ... The basic principle that guided us so far do not eat in the same place as we sleep. Leftover food odors and attract a whole bunch of creatures, whose presence is desired for camping. Unfortunately, there's not much choice. An alternative is to eat occasionally appearing in villages (However, after a series of poisonings have aversion to the Guinean cuisine) or spread on the road (verbatim, because there is nowhere to shoulder) which threatens to run over by crazy drivers and taxi busików. For this range of possibilities to select the start of the forest stowrami. The first are tiny flies us. Apparently not dangerous, I do not bite only sweat from the skin spijają, but as, obsiadają that we in the amount of hundreds of plays and goes to the ears, Eye, mouth and everywhere else where you will find access, is our enemy number one. Zczęście us bow ends with sunset. Then comes the turn of the ants, thousands of types of ants. From the usual black, by big red to yellow, and the huge termites ending. At the beginning of the most wystrzegaliśmy the yellow because their bite hurts like a cigarette. Then I figured it out, that yellow is because poboli Pikus half hour and stops, but it is ... itchy red bite for four days and you can not scratch it because I immediately fester and then heals the week. For ants, mosquitoes quickly join. Rainy summer at the lake in Poland, it's nothing compared to the Komarov. How do I add to this cluster fist-sized spiders and other, This handsome little creatures turns, that man does not actually want to eat and pack of biscuits in the tent he has enough ;)


Adapting to the new conditions begin to search the camp much earlier than usual, so that just before sunset after dinner to be, washing and safely sit under a mosquito net. Efekt jest taki, that some of us at 18 already using ;)


But the excuse I have to say, heat and humidity that is so unbearable, that every day we get up at 5 morning, to ride as much as possible in the morning, So boots must somehow compensate for the amount of sleep ;)

At the end of the listing of the many pleasures of camp in the rainforest can not forget about .... rain! Theoretically, Guinea and the Ivory Coast grabbed a dry season, but Mother Nature decided to sell us the full package of entertainment is here to offer so come the rainy season this year by more than a month earlier! How suddenly became dark blue and the sky, the first rain clouds from Morocco to the happiness of nearly pospadaliśmy bike. How wonderfully refreshing were the first drops of rain!


Less pleasant was for riding on the road is a flowing red mud, abrasions on their asses from wet clothes and dry up the chance to submit a non-tent.


Not that it was not cool ;) but as wet and eats every day for a thousand insects doczłapaliśmy after many days of the mission of Catholic sisters where units offered us shelter is thought, But providence that watches over us. Now rest by the light of candles and daily carrying water from the well seem to comfort comparable perhaps only to the accommodation at the Sheraton.