Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

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Ivory Coast is by far our least favorite country in West Africa, and certainly will not persuade anyone to enjoy a holiday, but as the saying goes? There are no ugly women, just a lack of wine ...


So, with a liter of cold beer, sand beneath bare feet and a view of the ocean even Ivory Coast can like ;)

After many months in the Muslim part of the continent reached the Christian coast. Symbolic cross the border between the world and the world of the Bible, the Koran can not be missed. Pork and alcohol to the menu summer!, mosques, churches of all denominations replaced, missions and schools everywhere Catholic or Protestant, and children, reproved by nuns, to behave politely, they call us instead of just White (white) - Madam White, Mr. White (Mrs. White, Mr. White).

Christianity zawitało on Black Continent with the arrival of the first colonizers and tempted many Africans access to education and the promise of a better job in the colonial administration for literacy, devout Christians. But somehow found a way Africans, the teachings of Christ to reconcile with their former beliefs and you have to admit, the effect is often charming. In Sassandrze, in a small fishing village where we stayed on our sweet laziness, Sunday we went to church. Despite, that shape more like a garage covered with a sheet than European cathedral, It was not hard to find. Enough to follow the crowd of women dressed in white, lace dresses and men in summer suits (or pants and jacket with short sleeves ). The church was stuffed to the brim, and all came merrily talking, laughed loudly and much gesticulating. When he appeared in a white man stole Albian decorated in all colors of the rainbow, faithful and silent for a few hours we started the show – Unfortunately, the mass was absolutely incomprehensible for us, So it only took away from the experience of artistic nature. However, I must admit, interesting that after an hour at the beginning of songs, merry jigs and rhythmic clapping to the accompaniment of drums quite wearied us, only – as we were the only white – could not really get out unnoticed ... So wysiedzieliśmy and wyklaskaliśmy to the end, which is exactly 3 time and 27 minutes!

No less syncretic cemeteries are ivorańskie. We passed a couple of them every day, because most of them are located near the road, where it managed to snatch a piece of land jungle. Plaster figurines depicting the deceased, in the case of chiefs attributes of power, animals symbolizing the pride of the tribe and to Jesus on the cross and angels - an interesting juxtaposition ;)


Jesus Christ also visited the fishing port. Good and bad images of the Saviour on the boat to ensure successful fishing and safe return home. However, in case the old gods have better systems than Poseidon these new, on board was also a place for them. Next creeds type: Lead me Lord whether God is great written in French are also verses in the local language addressed to Nyame - Recognized among the tribes of the family for the creative power Akan. Known, Christian God speaks French, the local and the local ;)


Oh, and yet no clothes! Most women and men still dressed traditionally, ie ubiquitous hand-sewn by tailors kompleciki. In women, they are tight skirts, tight-fitting tight buttocks and extended to the bottom, and the top of the blouse with puffy sleeves, to the headscarf and the other for przytroczenia on the back of the offspring . Men wear long, loose pants and a tunic top with short or long sleeves. The beauty of these costumes is in the traditional, geometrical formulas that are dyed fabrics. Meanwhile, a clever businessman invented entirely different "models". For example, the Last Supper, or Christmas, or Ascension, Resurrection and more. It's all in miniature, duplicated many times and truly heavenly colors, ie, blues and whites. Real rage ;)

Do not complain, however, particularly at this highly spiritual atmosphere, because many local missionaries from Canada are very impressed with our trip and for this reason we founded the tasty fish with rice. Noooo, fish head with rice ;)


Actually tiny Sassandra could be called heaven on earth if not for one problem, Cote de'Ivoire which clearly can not cope: lack of toilets. Walking on the beach very difficult ubiquitous droppings, and mindless staring at the ocean disturb more shamefully fishermen, who, instead of the full colleagues handled by the beach to the water ... But the problem is much more serious consequences than the aesthetic. Bare feet, unwashed hands and with the help of thousands of much human excrement hit the port located at the fish market, where the whole area is supplied with food and where there are many inexpensive restaurants! Ivory Coast is of course not the only country, who is faced with an open defecation. Statistics show, that one in four Africans have no access to toilets. Unfortunately, the activities of the authorities in this topic often ends up on the plates informing about the fine (ok. 70 zł), and in the meantime the WHO and UNICEF provide, that the consumption of diarrhea caused by contaminated water or food in the world die every year more children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined! A role model for the coast could be neighboring Liberia, which Mrs. President (Nobel Peace Prize winner) devotes his term problem solving as basic as the construction of latrines and hygiene education. One can only hope, local leaders that others will follow in her footsteps.