Burkina Part Two

Burkina Part Two

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Continue driving north moved us back to the world of Islam. However, Muslim Burkina proved no less interesting than the animistic. Coming earlier by Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal have already seen not one mosque, and before the sun woke us is no longer a muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. However, Burkina, and this topic has managed to captivate us. Even in Bobo - Dioulaso absolutely captivated us fraught with the local architecture of the mosque . Climbing the protruding beams community for over a hundred years of pretending to care for his clay-elevation.


However, tribal traditions have survived to some extent even in the world of local Muslims. Numerous scarification (healed incision) face, chest and back allow you to specify from which tribe and clan comes from what a person, and what is the social status. It's a traditional version of our ID card ;)


With the city left in extremely good as the last few weeks of soul and the perfect asphalt potoczyliśmy towards Ouagadougou, capital. The heat from the sky poured down unmerciful, but we were really happy. These few difficult weeks break through the rainforest gave us seriously in the bone, so austere landscape Sahel has never seemed so beautiful to us.


No bugs attacked us from all sides campers were again easy and fun. No problem found a small ścieżynki that after a few hundred meters led us to the perfect camping sites. The only problem was the failure of our microwave. African dismal quality of gasoline has caused clogging the fuel pump and all attempts to repair sczezły for nothing. We had no more than a cooking a la african style, that is on the fire ;) In this way, the first time in sooo long we were sitting huddled by the fire looking at the wonderful, pink or fiery red sunsets. Full romantic ;)


Meanwhile, Burkina charmed further. Travelers camel, charming village was, smiling people and a fantastic mosques. To be completely happy just missed the rain, that even for a moment would take a break from 40 incremental heat. Fortunately, Burkina, and this topic did not disappoint us :)


About this, that we get to the capital we saw when we pulled into the first of our trip, fully signposted intersection being the best introduction to the asphalt after which we had a chance to pedal.


Not only we will be happy welcomed the benefits of civilization. With the perfect surface resourceful men and women to successfully broke all the stereotypes about what is possible and what is impossible to carry on a bike. Well, clay pots in the number of pieces of many possible ;)