Hey Johnny!

Hey Johnny!

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Hi, Johnny! Johnny, how do you do? – were coming to us from all sides greetings. It took us some time before we knew it, that a man named Johnny is none other than Adam. In West Africa, the locals assumed, that white is either in France or the United, possibly Canada. For Kenyans (Kenya is a former English colony) There are two types of whites: British and Americans, to both the name of Johnny perfect match. And as my name? - Asked the engagement letter bodziarzy, or moto-taxi drivers. Well, of course Kate! So as Hansel and Kasia pedal peacefully in the beautiful southern Kenya.


Well, maybe not so quietly ... Those who travel with us from the beginning will probably remember, that deference on the part of Africans is not strange to us. For those few nice months spent on the continent we already got used to the constant of looking at, pointing of fingers, demands money and gifts, and even occasional attacks rotten vegetables. But what is happening here is for us a big surprise. It looks something like this. We drive each shoulder with a group of kids walking across the street returning from school. The colorful uniforms and with shoes under his arm (that too much is not destroyed) myself marching briskly, tell something fun and laugh reported. Suddenly, one of them a letter notes. The reaction is immediate. All, as one man flee in panic in the bushes. They sit there until we will go and only the tips of curly sticks sticking out from behind the bushes. Sometimes it will be a brave what comes out on the road, but enough that we turn now Get out and back to the hideout. Older kids see us usually die, sometimes we get the impression, even stop breathing, and as I begin we will drive us to run, without the words, the Bosaka, with a satchel on his back bobbing. When we stop, do they stop, When we move, they move us. Anything they do not want, just look at us.


But the more venture out of Nairobi that was worse. After the initial shock at the sight of whites on a bicycle came time for collective laughter, klaskanie, whistling, hysterical dancing children and joyful leaps. You need a lot of patience and distance to each other, to understand, that in these reactions is not likely bad intentions. For example, at one point we stopped in a small village where the market is held. We parked in the shade of an acacia and I went shopping and Adam was with bicycles. After a few minutes back, and in the place where Adam left the crowd gathered for men and women, and they all laugh, shout something, push up. I was a little scared, actually even very, until I fell out of the hands of tomatoes. Adam, what happened? I screamed pushing through the crowd. And he with a smile on his face, says: Nothing, Saying, they had never seen white! A little weird, co? In Kenya, perhaps the most touristic country Africa, Mecca hundreds of thousands safarowiczów. We could not get over. Until someone finally explained to us. In Kenya, there is not too many independent travelers. Most whites come on organized trips to national parks and rarely anyone ventures in these regions of the country, does not reach the site where the infrastructure. Hence, they see a lot of local car śmigających, which protrude through the windows of digital cameras, but do not really have a chance to see the tourist, let alone with him, for example, talk. Having had this knowledge with patience responding to dozens of questions about where we are, we're doing, you do not have a car, While we have kids (compulsory question in every interview), How is the climate in our country, or we habit and what we eat quickly habit we do not have, whether we even corn and milk, uf, well, that although we have, and how our cows give milk because Kenyan only 5 liters per day, why we eat pigs and are you sure we do not have habit? And so, after some half an hour in the end we are able to order the alleged habit (or slush from cornstarch) with sour milk or githeri beef stew and all the hardships of intercultural discussion we are rewarded, because the food in Kenya is delicious and cheaper than anywhere else in Africa.


However, when dopedałowaliśmy on Maasai land proved to be, that habit is not the only thing, which we do not have in this our remote of around landzie. We do not have zebras, wild ostriches and antelope. For locals it's pretty suspicious, because it is such a common animals! Slowly begin to suspect, I think that something fabricate these strange newcomers!


Then there's the cow photograph! Why photographing my cows? Because they are interesting. Interesting? And give me something for it? For what? Za to, interesting that photographing my cows? Probably not. Aha, This shoot me, will inexpensively. Probably not. Why? After all, you have a lot of money. Well somehow not too much. Not, except maybe inventing again!


Well, like that of the Maasai discuss about life and money, all of a mountain before our noses grew. Emerged only a few minutes before the wonderful view of Mount Kilimanjaro nacieszyliśmy hid behind the clouds, and so it could be seen. To nic, pogapimy again in Tanzania, and in the meantime we fall north to see how we adopt militant Samburu and Turkana dye.