The Milky Way

The Milky Way

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Imagine, for many months that eat mostly rice, fish, peanuts and bananas in various forms. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. I co? Good? Well it is not very. Then suddenly lands on your plate curd, potatoes and fried egg. And once more, not? Milk mala, with, mursik. Curdled milk in Kenya not one has a name, but he called as he called, important, that tastes wonderful, is cheap and available in almost every village. When the bread with peanut butter after almost a year we could replace ciapati or habit with milk, we found, Kenyan cows that deserve recognition, and thus this post is dedicated to them ;)


Central Kenya we associate with many places – Bieszczady, Alps, Ireland, New Zealand, but Africa? Not quite. Well see for yourself.


Not that we did not like, on the contrary, very nice change. However, the, that we are in Africa convinced us cacti several meters, turtles, and maybe even hipcie wallowing in a small lake at an altitude of about 2500 meters n.p.m .


So set, However, Africa, namely the Great Rift Valley. Really huuuge! Places has a width of nearly 100 km! That was close and this geological battle would end up not only disconnecting from Asia to Africa, but also the creation of another continent or an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.


Life in the milk and honey valley goes on at your own pace, as the locals say: no no, or slowly. In the morning you have to milk the cows, carry milk to be bought, grab your less than 6 gold and then I can relax. Until the evening, then what better cow naprodukują a few liters and again fall into a few pennies.


You can also relax in the company of potatoes or onions. And what if the customer will ...


The mild climate of this part of the country creates ideal conditions for growing tea. Powerful plantations stretch for miles, making Kenya the world's third largest exporter. Unfortunately, it is difficult to enjoy a really good brew. In many tearooms serving the cheapest in bags, mostly with milk. Best leaves in the amount of hundreds of thousands of tons per year flow to the affluent customer overseas. It was the same with the famous pineapples from the Ivory Coast. You can buy them almost anywhere in the world, but must be content Coast immature scraps.


Fortunately, besides milk and tea are also on vinegar crisps. The last Adam gave me the feast in Ouagadougou Happy Birthday, So my private moment of happiness was worth fixation ;)


Abrupt climate change has resulted in not only a variety to our diets. This evergreen land is one of the most densely populated areas on the continent for at wild camping is almost impossible. People are everywhere, every piece of land has its owner, fence or barbed fence. Therefore, we had to learn to deal differently.


With the help arrived Nomads of Love and dozens of other local churches loosely referring to Christianity. Adherents Healing Power of His Majesty, Healing the Heart of Jesus, United Church Brothers Africans and many others never refused us the possibility of a tent near their temples. Much more interesting, however, were the Africans hospitable accommodation when they invited us to their homes. At the dinner we talked about their countries and we explained to the eternal questions of children. Not only for us, but for the whole of Europe. In Kenya, each woman has an average of 7 – 8 children, a 10 it does not exploit. And in the US? One, two, sometimes three. Why? Well why? You do not like children? Do you prefer to have cats and dogs? - Asked by our hosts.