Elephants and dumplings

Elephants and dumplings

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With the help of friends, family, and the Internet is not difficult to arrange delivery of spare parts from Polish to Africa. The difficulty arises when an address, to which the alleged shipment is to be delivered. Embassy? Make a nose. Hotel? But where? Where should we be in a few weeks? Exactly, but how many of those weeks? This may Polish Franciscans? Probably not refuse to help. Do not refuse, and even better. When we crossed the gate of the law in Kampala immediately knew, it is a place where we can finally get some rest, not only from the hardships of the journey, but also on the same Africa.

Brothers invested us in a comfortable room, where we had to wait until the time when they come to the bicycle parts and damaged since Burkina microwave. Even at dinner we figured out, there is no shortage of topics to talk to us and the next day we went to the discussions on important topics, More importantly, and of course these little less important, both engines, bicycles and African adventure. To soothe our growing homesick brothers asked the housekeeper, prepared for us to dumplings! What a treat it was! We could not praise. Mniaaaaammmm! After the dumplings came even turn on the last and pork chops, oh we were in paradise! However, this is not the end of surprises. During one of the evening came to light pogaduch, that since we have not seen yet African elephant. It may be to do something - we heard. I could be J Two days later, with sandwiches in the trunk and the camera at the ready were going to one of the national parks in Uganda safari. Elephants were, Giraffe, bawoły, antylopy, monkeys and even hipcie and crocodiles on the Nile. Apparently, we also saw a lion. Apparently ... because he was so far, it could very well be a pile of hay ;)


We finished the two-day trip very special touch. During the Second World War in East Africa, a number of camps for Polish refugees, mainly Siberians and families of soldiers who fought in the Anders Army. One of them was the camp in Masindi. In the middle of the jungle, which today attracts tourists from all over the world to watch the chimps, once lived 5 000 Poles. She was a school here, clinic, mail, Stores, everything needed for a normal life. To this day, survived only church and cemetery, but how close the eyes for a moment and forget about the surrounding jungle man could almost smell the Polish ...


Meanwhile, our bikes in the garage became porozkręcane, and the package is still not coming. We have been doing more and more nervous, I do not want to abuse the hospitality. Despite assurances brothers, that happy with our presence, felt, we would like to somehow repay for warmth and cordiality with which we have adopted. We came up with the idea to use the artistic abilities of Adam in the convent chapel. The project to paint two murals liked very much, and after not an easy conquest of paints and brushes started working. Not, Adam started, I tried to help, that is not to comment ;) A few days later, the chapel has gained new colors, parts arrived, bikes have been repaired and after almost two weeks of rest we were ready again to face with Africa.