The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

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The human mind is a real mystery. One day curse rainforest, worms that live in them and continuous stuffiness, a few months later fondly remember his intense green, tropical vegetation and … Being in the Ivory Coast is not dreaming of anything else just to find again in the dry Sahel countries, as far as possible from devouring our jungle, and now we can not think of anything else but the, further south that is waiting for us just bush and our adventure with green hell is over. Not for the first time and not the last we agreed. Another detour in this or in those, eh, certainly will not hurt us. So instead of popedałować from Kampala south west Peel course, in the direction of the green hell.

After 500 pagórów kilometers and hundreds of thousands of obnoxious kids started to wonder, why do we always will put in some shit, Yet we have long to be in the flat and sparsely populated Tanzania! There remained to us nothing but better take the first side road, away from the asphalt, but also away from children.


The next day at dawn we were awakened by the sounds of the forest. From wailing melody dozens of bird species, thousands of cicadas, bark beetles and monkeys up in my head was spinning. But when we went out on the road and rather short hills spread before us green carpets shrouded in the morning mist that our jaws dropped to the ground.


Ugandan rainforest somehow seemed to be much more charming than the one from West Africa. Maybe it aware of this, we see him on this trip for the last time, or maybe it's fragrant flowers on trees, ubiquitous monkeys and colorful birds ... I do not know, important, we were attracted to. The campsite deep in the woods left the bikes and we have tried to plunge into the green abyss. We set off at dawn the next day. It was stuffy, paranoid, Wet and muddy, but absolute silence broken only by the sound of monkeys jumping high over the heads of us made, renamed the African rainforest green hell, to paradise ;)


In addition to the flora and fauna of Ugandan jungle has one advantage over the West African: crater lake!


Apparently the majority of stagnant water in Africa there bilhrazja - nasty bacteria, man that develops under the skin in the form of microscopic worm. Environmental brief interview he gave us hope, that the lake over which we have stayed free from it, But still ... the worm under the skin! Not, not, not! Unfortunately, before I could say: Adam, there is no need to risk, is a nasty disease, pokąpiemy on Zanziba ... Adam? Adam had a different opinion ;)


Fortunately, no worm under the skin is not bred. In the end, we were ready to close the chapter tropical trip and open the next.