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Traveler How many, enough vision "of the dream of Africa". We met these, who speak, that came here for the green rainforest, Tropie there Goryl, chimpanzees and walk on bridges with lianas. Others love the desert and in cars 4×4 diarrhea to AZYMUT, still others hunt kudu in the wild bush, and still others, such, for example, we, have butterflies in my stomach and a banana on your face for the vast savannas.


As the eye can see and the only living soul herds of zebras and wildebeest ... Whoa, this will be in the next episode. For now betray you just as much, Tanzania that just fell in love. First zaczarowało us coast of Lake Victoria. Without discos, tourists, we had it all to ourselves.


Then friendship and unobtrusively Sukuma introduced us to the secrets of survival of the dry season. How to search for water in the riverbed, which long ago dried up, how to eat when the food is only imported rice and beans and how to ride a bike with a pastoral stick under his arm and a blanket dangling between her legs.


Enriched with new skills began to climb ... I did not like too much, especially as the heat mercilessly pours from the sky, you need to save each sip of water and a little bit of shade can be found only on the cactus prickly ass ... But who would complain as seen from above the top of Hanang, salt lake and the Maasai Steppe?


And besides, with all the top finally descends, sometimes straight to Africa for which he always dreamed of, but more on that in the next episode ;).