Safari De Lux Day 3

Safari De Lux Day 3

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After about a year of off-road crawl African sweet potatoes and oranges reached the "dream of Africa" ​​where he went on a four-day Luxury Safari. Here is an account of their tour in subsequent scenes.

Day 3

Step Masajów, Cost: three-day diarrhea

On this day, they have focused their efforts on trying to crawl Maasai Steppe. wild, sparsely populated, dry, rocky and prickly. It was a real challenge for the strength of their muscles, fortitude and sense of orientation.


That day did not look for elephants, They not viewed żyrafek whether Gani zebras. That day, like all good safari, They visited the land of the Maasai. When the road became a sweetness kids dopraszające. The organizer asked, however,, would not be subject to illusion, that giving them candy "help Africa", because then cyclists, who distribute Western delicacies are dissatisfied by kids stoned, and dried-sticks, cow's gównami.


See also not one settlement ...


... Shepherds and cattle.


In search of food they came also held a weekly market. There you can buy some souvenirs and memorabilia from the trip, such as goat, cow, zsiadłe milk, some rice, stale donut, and even the traditional, Masai attire or comfortable sandals made of old car tires.


Organizer advised, however,: Buy from reasonably! Curdled milk carried by the women on the market in a few hours 40 degree heat can tourists with sensitive stomachs to spoil the rest of the tour! Detriment, that they did not listen!

Evening service trips prepared a lovely campsite on the savannah.


Please be aware, however, – warning – the presence of wild animals. Noticing a flock of vultures circling over the savannah, Please do not approach the carcasses. I think, the first masajscy shepherds make thorough inspection and have determined, that the animal died the same, without the aid of a lion or another cat. this, who still have problems with the Swahili phrase we will suggest useful: here there simba, that is not here lion.


The last day will mark the high mountains, that is, the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru. CDN.