In the rhythm of Zanzibar

In the rhythm of Zanzibar

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Sometimes it is so, that man simply does not want to go where they want to go all others, for example Zanzibar. While most of the sandy beaches beckon, coconut palms and drinks sipped the hot rhythms, we reject mass tourism, exorbitant prices, badziewnych pushy sellers of souvenirs and all sorts of scammers. There was no rush to get us to this tourist mecca of Africa , but on the other hand ... it's also the cradle of Swahili culture. It's here, hundreds of years ago, met with Africa, Asia giving rise to one of the most colorful, exotic and fascinating traditions of the world. It settled here moved along with dreams of wealth merchants from distant India and Persia, This came down here to slave traders from around the world, this is where weary travelers sought harbor, Here is poured sweat and tears of millions of captive Africans in the interior of the continent. Our journey into Africa was not to "complete" without Zanzibar. The decision was made. We got on board the ferry, like a time machine that moved us into the world of fairy tales 1001 night.

Do not expect, however,, that Stone Town, major city and at the same time attraction of the archipelago, once you bewitch you. Not, not, not. First, you need to escape a drunken Pope , who they want to bring you the cheapest taxi, najładniejszego hotel, best restaurant, the nearest gift shop, no i my friend look at my art, It's for free, just a minute, and you may need to map the islands, or battery into the phone, glasses? I'll give you a great price! Well, why are you upset, my friend, after all we are friends! As already you get rid of a stalker, it remains somehow swallow the price of the hotel, and as I can find for you a simple room for a symbolic 20$ from person, it still need to figure out how to deal with swarms of malarial mosquitoes, but how to arrange it, and that's it then begins the real journey of the senses. leaves man 100 meters from the hotel veranda and is already lost. In the maze of narrow streets built stone houses , mosques, Hindu temples, Christian cathedrals and colonial villas all fascinates. Irritate the nose smells of incense and cooking coal, stimulate the palate coconut pancakes and eggs in brine with chili, eyes run from one kramiku of traditional fabrics to the second, and the head is bursting with history chewing enchanted carvings in the door, which tell of the first nobles of the city.


But this is only the beginning! The real magic starts just as tired of wandering in a maze of streets squat for a while on a stone bench somewhere away from tourist attractions, and, closer to everyday life. Sipping a cold juice from sugar cane listen to the rhythm of Zanzibar. The cheerful screams przekupek, muted conversation oldies, bicycle bells, calls imams, Take a look in the face of kids laughing and check there to bear, where you do not zaprowadziłby Guide.


As I have some kind inhabitant of the town will help you to go back where you came from (not be deceived, that you manage themselves!) This is another place, you can not leave. Port. Harmider, the stench of mud and ankle discourages more sensitive, but do not give up. Not every day you can see barracuda, tuna or shark. And certainly not every day you can try them. Do not be persuaded, however, the exquisite dinners at expensive restaurants. Go where people go, or an evening, lit a kerosene lamp stall. We guarantee you, the squid and octopus served on paper may not look nice, but they are delicious. A barracuda in brine with chili and mango rice cake with a bite will you dream for another 1001 night!


Sometimes it is so, that man simply does not want to go where they want to go all others, but once you go there do not want to leave! Wants more, deeper, longer. So what we still play rhythm Zanzibar ..?