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Od czego by tu zacząć opowieść o Zambii??? Od buszu! Busz, żadna to nowość w Afryce, ale w Zambii jest go jakby dużo, bardzo dużo, no actually it is everywhere. Zambia is one country - bush. You look to the right - the bush, You look to the left - the bush, You look for each other or against each other, and wherever you look there on the horizon bush. And you are born in the mind question: whether there, into the bushes live people? Let's check :)

Roads in the country are two, one to the right of the bush and the other to the left of the bush, how to get here in the bush głąąąb? With the aid of, as is often the case in Africa, The Chinese came.


Apparently this buszmeńskiej the highway was supposed to be tens of kilometers, and then a forest track, what is supposed to be "very good for bicycle”. So, as you probably already guessed, China's new road ended after less than 15 kilometers.


Then came pebbles ...


Then piaseczek ...


And then everything went to hell and the road quite ended.


And so for the next close 100 km. How did this happen, that once again we have fallen? We do not know, Do not ask. Grunt, it was suuuper! ;)

The landscape was born to life after a long drought and dead, torrid and bush fire began to look fabulous.


We soon realized also, that yes, including a vast sea of ​​people live bushes. There is no electricity, They take water from the river and eat it, which will give them a generous Mother Nature plus rice.


Survival in the bush we had to learn and we. Water from the river Luangwa filtered tastes better than our Zywiec ;) fruits masuku replace sweets, These great, yellow "shellfish" quench thirst as sweet tea with lots of lemon, rachitycznym and rice with cherry tomatoes and onion pokurczną can even fall in love.


And although the choice between the use of water for washing and slaking thirst has become quite easy ...


... Is "to be a woman, be a woman, "the important thing, and "Sitting under a dry leaf" is always open ;)


But you can not fool nature, White to the bush should not be. Sooner or later something will expel you from here. In our case it was not a lack of water, heat pouring from the sky, a breath of hell at noon or aggressive baboons. In our case, these were the Tse Tse flies ...

Suddenly appeared. Lo and he surrounded us with an insect swarm of hundreds of painfully biting flies. Bites quickly grew and swelled like a beat. Deet, what kind of had everything that flies and crawls keep us from afar, It was in this case completely ineffective. We only have to flee. However, the more in front of them escaped the more biting, he attracted them sweat and warmth of our bodies. Besides not really had to flee before them. The road was bad, bikes got bogged down in the sand and steep hills nothing facilitate. Not really knowing what to do we set up a mosquito net and hoping for it, that itself will fly away. Unfortunately, They buzzed around us, even after sunset. Deaths of effort finally fell asleep, unfortunately without dinner. In the morning we woke up hungry and familiar buzzing. For this, Adam looked like to him fans in the stadium beaten with batons. We counted him over 70 bites! For me, a little less. There was good ... Few knew about the bloody Tse Tse. Only so much, that spread a dangerous disease, which if left untreated can lead to collapse into a coma. How much have time for adoption drugs? Is every housefly infects? So where is the nearest hospital? One thing we knew for sure. We have to get out of here! And quickly! Only, that quickly was not an option. The road fatal, this way do not drive cars, nothing but a push / pull bike to the nearest little town we were not left. So we spent the next 24 hours of uncertainty ...

When we reached the town of Chama was Sunday. In the hospital, the doctor was not and two nurses were taking only women in childbirth. We tried out of them some information, but the guys obviously had no knowledge of the topic and stage fright began to flip through a manual tomiasty! We waited another hour to try to contact a doctor, unfortunately to no avail. Hints us, to contact your veterinarian. So we did. This letter somewhat calmed information, that not all the flies are infected, but necessarily we have to take a test, to find out, whether or not these. Nearby lab was in a larger city 130 miles away. Road course under construction, no car traffic. Fortunately, he found out some transportation, but ... with a drunken driver, which, holding a sachet of gin in his hand, assured, that there is nothing to fear because he will lead his assistant, It only takes over the steering wheel on the more difficult sections!!! CHOLERA! What to do??? We were looking for further, ale niestety. Or a drunk driver and his assistant or nobody. Good, We load into the back and drive.


The only 17 hours later we arrived at the lundazi. In the morning we did a test. Our Tse Tse flies were found to be healthy, like us :) Jednak Buszmeni z nas zadná ;) Trudno, therefore we strike to Lusaka ;)