Island cyclists

Island cyclists

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Matthew met yet on the ferry. Before he switched on the engine briefly traveled around South Africa on a bike, and a little bit of sentiment and a bit of curiosity started to talk to us how and where pedal. A few days and a few beers later found out, that and him and we are missing the company and are happy poszwendalibyśmy the island together. Only we Swede on bikes, Matthew not only had the bike, but even his motorbike was in a workshop in Dar, So to szwendania had only feet. Too slow, even for us! Pozaglądaliśmy therefore to different workshops and managed to find the perfect bike. For only 20$ Matthew has acquired a super ride: teenage damkę a la Dutchman with a charming basket on the handlebars, Only bouquet of tulips missing (and here we managed filling it yourself bananas ;). Backpack threw on trunk, pospinaliśmy rubber, Troki and old cod line and we were ready to go.


This was the plan: We go to the East Coast and trying to circumnavigate the island along the beach. At least my plan was, because guys as decreed, that crazy and that there is no. But I insisted, that the sand through regular outflows is hard enough, to go after him on the bike. I managed to persuade them, we at least try . Jupi!

For several hours we struggled for a really dull and rather ugly interior of the island. The only attraction was millions of coconuts wielgachnych, which, contrary to those of West Africa were delicious milk, but it is not the best pulp.


Finally we reached the …hmmm … raju, no just. Otherwise it is impossible to determine to what we saw.


Almost at the same time each of us jumped off the bike and throwing clothes in the course jumped into the water.


When we carelessly moczyliśmy ass in the ocean right in front of our noses ran a man on a bicycle. Although a charge of which he had on the trunk seemed to go slightly as the asphalt. Aha, I did not tell! Get out of the water, Drain the air out of the tires! We will tera practice beach cycling :)


There is nothing to talk, It was just SUPER! Even Matthew on his thin tires rode without much problem.


After some few hours we arrived in the tiny village of Jambiani. We did not have a plan to stay there, but one of lodży the beach was over us very enthusiastic call. Cyclists, cyclists, here! Wait! It was Sparks. Sparks z USA. Rode his beautiful Surly from Arusha to Cape Town. He managed to get us, we stay for the night. He promised us to get a discount at your hotel, where he soaked in the pool Tobi and Dio, cyclists from Germany and Switzerland. However, despite 50% discounts in the hostel for backpackers want from us at 20$ from person. Unfortunately. Not this time, gentlemen. Returning to the beach but still decided to try their luck. We looked for lodży on the beach. Zagadaliśmy to the owner, or not allow us to break down the tents somewhere in the garden. After an hour of negotiations rozpakowywaliśmy in a room with an ocean view, breakfast and Internet for 7$ from person :) In the evening he came to us in Sparks. He drove to our surprise ... car. He gotten us all into the back and took a beer to a local club. That evening there was no hot rhythms, rum and dancing until dawn. That evening were heated debates. Six cyclists from around the world. Different experiences, various adventures, various bikes, but the passion is the same. You do not even have noticed it start to dawn.

Sparks morning with the boys knocked on our hostess asking for them to find a room like ours. When a moment later on a slight hangover all met for breakfast specified on the terrace overlooking the magnificent beach, Sparks said: KI got drunk a few days ago from the dugout fisherman. You will swim? I exchanged knowing glances Matthew. We are! Actually, we were nearly two weeks :):):)


Unfortunately, it turned out, that cyclists do not know much about sailing and it will be necessary to help local captain. Fortunately for us, every man in Jambiani spends half his life in these dłubankach fishing, squid and other wonders of the ocean. I praise them for it, because if they did not we would not have these fantastic octopus in curry, grilled squid and fish in coconut milk ;)


Of course, in this paradise on earth not without drinks or drinks with palemką under palemką, dances barefoot and shameless excesses on the beach ;) But do not think myself, each of us had a little fun ;) The day after this was very polite, especially, Adam told us that a lot of walks along the beach looking for seashells to his zanzibarskiego collage of what is supposed to hang on our wall as we return home. We'll see how many of them will reach safely to Cape Town ;)


We never circled the island, as we planned. We anchored in this paradise on earth, and no plans have not been able to get us out ;)