Braai and no-water-bleeds

Braai and no-water-bleeds

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Even cycling journey through Africa can sometimes be boring. For example, in the Zambia. Each new day seems to resemble previous ... Bush is no longer impresses, Rice is in the throat, sun irritates and ramps seem to be more frequent and more difficult than they really are. Well, then what? You can press and as soon as possible to drive to the next country, or you can go to braai nad Zambezi!

– Hi! going far?

– Far.

– And you have time to water from the refrigerator?

So we met Philip and Sigiego. Boys, Afrikaners from Namibia, Zambia built electric Ina. So luckily, that was just the weekend and therefore in their camp there was no one outside and Eddie Vedder roaring from the speakers. In these favorable circumstances of water from the refrigerator quickly replaced the beer from the fridge, A moment later he landed on the table beef stew, Eddie gave way Kazik, We unpacked our gear into one of the empty tents and the party in full swing in earnest.


Morning, the eggs and bacon and coffee strong guys told, that today will show us how to deal with boredom in Africa. Before dojedliśmy our hangovers Breakfast, in the driveway waiting car packed portable fridges, folding chairs and barbecue. We drove on our first, Afrikaans braai’a.


The idea was, to get over the Zambezi. According to Philip a GPS should get there in less than an hour. Super! We drive!

after about 10 kilometers over asphalt, He began to sand, Pagóry and dense, overgrown bush path, that is normally, after afrykańsku. If we landed there on bikes that we would probably cursing everything in the world is, but the guys just threw 4×4, podkręcili climates sipping the frozen water waded further. Well, yes it can be visited the bloody bush! Bez much TseTse, without pulling the dirt bike, without water from the river and rice in the saddlebags ;)

Four hours later (GPS apparently did not foresee fallen trees on the road, crossing the river and seasonal boxing circles in the sand) we reached the mighty Zambezi.


It's hard not to admire this impressive river, which seems to be nothing to do with a protracted dry season. Quickly it became clear where are all the animals, which in spite of a month spent in the Zambian bush we have not had a chance to see. Their internal GPS centuries is set to search for water in the dry season and a herd of elephants, antylop, birds and baboons never depart too far from the river, the only source of food and water.


As befits a decent weekendowiczów we set up our equipment and we got down to braai’a. Braai Afrikaners are not the only way of cooking meat, It is also a form of leisure, opportunity to meet with family and friends. Braajować you can before the game of rugby telebim, on the farm after hunting kudu, or on the river between elephants ;)


As you can see braai from our barbecue is nothing special is no different. Well, maybe except the, cutting into the steak and lamb has a view of the elephants and hippos instead of the neighbor on the adjacent balcony grillującego ;)


Unfortunately, every weekend comes to an end on Monday and have to deal with daily tasks. Siggy and Philip went back to work and we do our work .... More than a dozen driveways, several bowls of rice with tomato and one sunburn later we arrived at the border of Zambia and at the same time the biggest attraction of the country: Victoria falls. I think I was more appropriate to name but no-water-bleed Victoria.


The dry season finally caught up with and even the legendary Zambezi river just almost dried up. Certainly kojarzycie famous tourist photos from folders when a rushing stream of water covers the entire canyon with a bang and is reflected on the rocks. So, we also associate a photo, but unfortunately we could not see it "live". Somewhere, kilkasetmetrów further, Zimbabwe side a little water and ostało the lucky ones who were on the other side of the border have the chance to see at least a semblance of what are the famous Victoria Falls.


Meanwhile, we had to settle for tourists baboons stealing sweets from backpacks.


Biscuits and a lighter 20$ decided to say goodbye to Zambia and greet our 11 region: Botswanę.