How to catch fish?

How to catch fish?

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If any of you ever choose a bike trip through Africa is quite fast to meet the problem of food. Everybody knows, kitchens that African countries rather not belong to sophisticated. Have you ever heard of a restaurant serving Burkina Faso with, Guinea and Tanzania? Exactly, We also do not. But even here, spot, hard to find something that could be called a tasty dish. To the amount of products, with which to cook yourself something is kept to a minimum. After some time the corn mash (called in Botswana pap) and rice with beans or tomatoes can pick up the desire to travel even najwytrwalszym. Therefore,, while our colleagues in Asia tucking into wonton dumplings, curry and noodles, and travelers in South America Tylia of burrito, nachos and paella we had to take matters into their own hands. We have said enough rice with tomatoes, the time has come for rice with fish!!! Just where to get the fish on the botswańskim wilderness. On the river! I like not having to catch her rod? Royalty free!


Step 1

You need to find the river.

According to local guidelines following the path through the bush for some 3 kilometers should find it.


Of course, the road was sandy, could not drive and had to push the bike, that is, as always, when a man bounces and depart from the main road. Worse, that pretty quickly ended, and only traces trampled by cattle podpowiadały us where to direct. When we were about to have to withdraw, because pretty much started to wander, met a shepherd, who lost a week ago donkeys and hoped to find them on the water. So we go together :)


As you can see the donkeys were. Actually, not at all lost, tłumaczył Beng. Simply grazed on unspecified grounds and no one was looking for, because they were unnecessary. And now they are needed because you have to drive to the town after the meal at the pap. So how were Bengy colleagues rang and went. So, so, called colleagues, he found that the donkeys and therefore can go into town to shop :):):)


When the guys drove away, shouted goodbye to us yet, we thought for hanging around in the area, aggressive crocodile. Had a laugh, but when I accidentally while preparing dinner flashlight shone in two, protruding above the waterline Slipi, It stopped laughing and built a bonfire, What would beast came ashore.



Step 2

You need to build a fishing rod. Top of the stick, stylonowej thread and wire from the old shifters, which will serve as a hook. Ready? Well, accuse and wait.


Nothing comes? Well what are you surprised, fish apparently also do not like rice.


Step 3

Get the bait.

Thus, Adam won, or dived after the worm. His ankles in mud, stick, kicked and kicked and kicked, but nothing found. It looked like, fish dinner that will not be. And suddenly, from the deep bush came a pack of dogs with three children at the forefront. Quite niezaskoczeni our presence smiled modestly and camped with your equipment. After a while, they had to take. Watched with admiration as pulled another art sumika.


When it came to cooking on a campfire and achievements of the wonderful smells our stomachs started to turn green with envy, Adam decided to ask kids for help.



Step 4

Ask kids to help. Learn what a worm like a fish out of the river Okavango and where to find it.


When Adam came back with a can full of slimy rusty abominations hope for a tasty dinner again has arrived in our stomachs. Meanwhile, the guys pulled out of the new ace from his sleeve. Properly, as arrived. DWA asy. The boys had the advantage again.


Worm worm, but the children had the boat. In Adasiu woke up the spirit of sportsmanship. He had no chance bidak. The boys were unrivaled.



Step 5

Do not be fooled. Swimming in the dugout is an art, even if the land looks like child's play! Novices land in the water, and in the water is the crocodile. Hold on to the shore!


I have to admit, that even as Adam mastered swimming alone, but the idea that we tried for two was no longer absolute stupidity. Of course, the burden of ill-laid out and landed in the water before the well repelled from the shore. I will not even tell you how she tried to have fun kids. I think, that the whole area will each talk about Białasach, who even mokoro can not swim.

At sunset, the boys gathered at home, and we in the preparation of rice ... but with what an wonderful view!



Step 6

Do not give up!

Adam did not give up. All morning modified hook, this time he decided to make the springs with wire cutter. When he was ready, threw the stick again, and this time ... JUPI!

At the end of lunch we ate rice with fish in tomato sauce!

Bon appetit :)