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If you live in the area for a lot of people are talking about the phenomenon of overcrowding. And if you live in the area for a lot of elephants??? Then we talk about the phenomenon of obscure??? So when we talk about the obscure, that this phenomenon occurs in Botswana. Elephants are everywhere. They enter the towns, villages, walk on the road. Everything is poogradzane high fences, but they do not realize this do, just go after them, destroying them with his powerful cielskami.

For us, obscure adventure began shortly after crossing the border. First, politely, Chobe National Park. Elephant for us it's no longer news, but a dozen or even dozens of elephants at a time that's impressive.


In addition to elephants also, of course, we came up with a few other critters. For example, the first time we were able to see the full glory hipcie grazing cows on pasture ...


... Fording a river buffalo ...


... Vultures during wyżerki ...


... And a pile of elephant beetles rozpracowujące.


But you can not hide, that was the coolest kiciusie. Eventually! It is a pity, that in the Park, and not "in the wild" - thought. Strongly that thought we later regret.


After our short safari hit the road. According to the map we had over 300 miles to the nearest town. Not acquired to be too, because it is not the most accurate map and not the first time it was not so, that over-loaded food and water angrily passed additional stores in villages and wioseczkach which did not mention map. We bought a little rice, the so-called case, and drove.

Half an hour later, or some 10 kilometers from the city of medium size with SPAR-em, KFC and Shell station, elephant crossed our path, A moment later two elephants standing in the shade of a tree beside the road, and as if nothing had happened skubały bark.


At the third elephant has been so ekscytowaliśmy, but on the fourth started a little worried. The day slowly ended, and elephants passed more cars on the road, and indeed throughout the day there was not even the smallest villages, settlement or even a single house. Where we will sleep??? The abundance of elephants night in the bush rather dropped out ...

We drove a little, but little has changed besides, asphalt that suddenly ended and as we announced lonely, yellow plate, ahead 150 kilometers of road works. GORGEOUS!

A little further, almost at the same road, decided to break up. Better closer to the road than in the bush where the area is teeming with elephants and do not know what else. Reasonable decision given the circumstances, not? Well, unfortunately ... Returning from a left on the road we noticed an intriguing trail bikes ...


Were it not for the fact that, but the day before we saw the same marks in Chobe and that their size does not allow to confuse them with a trace ordinary cat or dog, maybe we would doubt. However, this time we were sure, in the area is a lion and is probably close, because the trail was fresh. When Adam insisted on taking a picture clues fast, I nervously looked around the area. And then I saw her. Slowly, but resiliently passed between the bushes, some 30 meters from us. I turned in the direction of Adam, my face expressed more than words. Without even a single sound, slowly, with forced calm began to retreat. Our hearts beat wildly, but it looked like, either that we did not notice or was not interested in us. We got back on the road and got on the bike. We are constantly looking over his shoulder, While pedałowaliśmy forces in the legs, until the time when we blocked the road again elephants. Not one, not two, but exactly 73!!! How petrified, watched in horror as more families joined to those on the other side of the road. They were all around us. Part already passed and she had a little rejected, part of the grazed, other calmly waited for the other. We were in a trap. Behind him, the lioness, before us mighty herd of elephants.


We did not know what to do, but instinct told us, that we give them calmly go, Do not move, do not give them any reason to fear, not provoke them any violent gesture or sound. We waited motionless for a moment. Which seemed like an eternity. In the end, all the past and started to disappear in the bush. In the meantime it got dark, and we still did not have a place to stay. We decided to go forward with the hope of meeting some people. A few kilometers away saw the light. Fortunately, we do not disappoint. It was a camp of people working on the construction of the road. We did not have to explain anything to them, ask for anything, as soon as they saw us immediately let into the high wire fenced camp, pointed out a place to pitch a tent and invited for dinner. Unfortunately we could not eat anything. We were really scared. What if we did not find this camp? Or if he was 20 miles away?


Morning guys closest to us streścili 200 km. To the next camp, we had a daily distance, then the only option is fenced relay with a guard booth, then veterinary station and then it is a small town and it should be less elephants and all this wild tałatajstwa.


Yet the next two weeks omijaliśmy bush wide berth. The whole situation is, of course, was absolutely our fault. Felt in Africa for sure, lost vigilance, ceased to believe in the "wild Africa". However, Botswana surprised us, is other than those which were to date. On the surface twice the size of Polish lives less than 2 millions of people, most of the country is a bush or desert, and therefore should be czujniejsi.

After that, as we have seen firsthand what override the time has come to learn to deal with it. Now, every day we see the elephants by day, but at night we choose a more reasonable place to stay.


In the end we were able to ride 17 000 kilometers and would have been nice if the other 3 000 also made in one piece ;)